Kamis, 27 April 2017


noted that no illegal narcotics were found in that home. >>> tennis great, serena williams, is speaking out against another legendary star


of the sport who is accused of making a shocking remark able her unborn child. it happened at an international

tennis federation press conference on friday. the romanian team captain and former number one tennis star, was heard making racist comments about serena williams unborn baby. allegedly saying, let's see what color it has.

chocolate with milk? the 23-time grand slam champion, who announced her pregnancy with this selfie, slammed him on instagram. it disappoints me to know that we live in a society where people like ilie nastase can make racist comments towards

myself and unborn child. he reportedly has a reputation for bad behavior. the its condemned the remarks and said it is launching an investigation. fellow tennis stars like james blake, showing their support for serena.

ilie is the most disgraceful figure in our sport. williams not letting it dampen her pregnancy cheer. on monday, she posted this heartfelt ode to her future bundle of boy. my dearest baby you give me the strength i didn't know i had.

you taught me the true meaning of serenity and peace. i can't wait to meet you. >> and the i.t.s. has suspended na naste. we did reach out for comment but

toyay,did not hear back. this seems to be a pattern.

>> his past behavior on the court, which is why he got the

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