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girl desire

signs girl loves you - 10 signs that a womanreally loves you very much. 1. she always wants to be with you. you can have a thousand things to do, butshe will always be eager to see you. if she has a place to go that can not be canceledand she wants to be with you there's always a sentence she says, "but if you want,you can accompany me" a hopeful tone. if she

girl desire

has to study for an exam or have to do a job,there is a phrase: "come and help me," even if you don't know anythingabout the subject. 2. they love to touch you. when her interest is genuine and real, shegrabs your hand, hugs you, pushes you, grabs

you hair, grabs your cheeks, etc. she feelsthe need to touch you, no matter the excuse. 3. when you go home she always ask if youarrived fine. no matter the transportation, either by bus,taxi, car, bicycle or walking, when you go home, she wants to make sure you got homefine. 4. she smiles when she sees you. a look is worth a thousand words, and if thelook is accompanied by a cute smile, better. 5. she calls or sends messages to know howyou are. when she calls you or sends you a messagejust to ask you for something is preoccupying,

but when she calls you just to know how youare, is a great sign. 6. she becomes jealous and serious when youtalk to other women. when you talk or make any comments about yourex, or any of her girlfriends she gets very jealous of them and look at you seriouslyand steadily. this is a clear sign that she feels uncomfortable because she interestedin you. 7. she calls your phone and doesn't mind spendinga lot of minutes. for many people spending credits or minutesin the cell is very valuable, if she doesn't mind, it's because she really loves you. 8. she gives you things made by her.

here it does not matter the material valueof the gift, but the time it took for them to make it and the dedication that entails. 9. they invite you to do things all the time. when she's so interested in you, she doesn'twait for you to make her the invitations, but the idea to make plans comes from herand sometimes she even wants to pay the costs of going out. 10. she presents you by your name and doesn'tsay you're her friend.

girl desire,when you're with her and someone calls herin the phone she does not say, "i'm with a friend" but she calls you by your name.

for more signs girl loves you click the linkin the description below: to see more tips and please share with others.

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